Covering the PMBOK® Guide,
Fourth Edion (2009)
Training and qualifying people are the core of Rosaldo Nocêras work. A work that
follows the impeccable care of his other publications, now focused on the PMP®
certification by the PMI®, a leading certification in the market, with more than
300,000 certified professionals in 180 countries.
Ricardo Viana Vargas,
MSc, CSM, PMP, Former Chairman of the Board of Directors, Project
Management Institute (PMI®)
The fact that you are holding this book in your hands means that you should be commended for
your desire to obtain the Project Management Institute's (PMI®) Project Management Professional
(PMP®) certification and being professionally recognized by the largest and most important
project management institution in the world. This book will help you take a big step in the right
direction towards the advancement of your career.
The PMP® Certification Exam Study Guide facilitates the knowledge and confidence needed to
achieve the highly sought after PMP® credential. Covering the nine knowledge areas and 42
processes covered in the actual examination, it contains more than 500 questions, memorization
games, study tips, equations, and a glossary.
The book is filled with flowcharts and graphs that illustrate process input, tools, techniques,
output, and interaction. To boost test-taking confidence, it includes a CD with exercise questions
and two posters for process visualization. Each chapter contains self-tests with detailed answer
keys to help you better understand the questions that will appear on the exam.
Helpful study tips, supplementary exercises, and important reminders for the day of the
examination are also included in each chapter to help ensure you are ready to achieve PMP®
certification the first time around.
Rosaldo de Jesus Nocêra - PMP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMP, MCTS
Business & Management / Project Management
An initial placement test
550 multiple-choice questions
Memory games
Project management process color poster
A poster with formulas and tips
Preparation for the exam day
Study tracking sheet
Eligibility guide
It includes:
Foreword by Ricardo Vargas, MSc, CSM, PMP
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