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The Pocket Idiot’s Guide™ to One-Minute Managing

Book Description

Giving compelling answers to interview questions can make the difference between winning a job and unemployment. The Pocket Idiot's Guide™ to Interview Questions and Answers will arm you with answers to the 150 toughest interview questions. Whether you read the book cover-to- cover to prepare for an initial interview or uses it as a last-minute reference on the way to a final interview, you will be prepared to offer clear, concise, and thoughtful answers. You'll also learn what questions to ask your interviewer to help you figure out if the job is right for you.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Introduction
    1. How to Use This Book
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. Trademarks
  3. 1. Oops ... Mistakes Job-Hunters Make
    1. Get Prepared
    2. Put Yourself in the Interviewer’s Shoes
    3. The Number-One Mistake: Lack of Research
      1. 1. What They Say (or Don’t Say)
      2. 2. How They Act
      3. 3. Bad Attitudes
      4. 4. How They Look
      5. 5. They’re Dishonest
    4. Research 101
      1. Researching the Job
      2. Researching the Employer
      3. Researching the Industry
      4. Tracking Your Interviews
      5. The Least You Need to Know
  4. 2. Do Your Homework
    1. Work Experience
      1. Skills
      2. Duties
      3. Accomplishments
      4. Other Information
    2. Volunteer Experience
    3. Education
    4. Activities
    5. Other Awards/Honors
    6. Military Service
    7. Tell Me a Story
      1. The Least You Need to Know
  5. 3. What Is It About You?
    1. The Least You Need to Know
  6. 4. What Have You Done?
    1. The Least You Need to Know
  7. 5. Can You Be More Specific?
    1. The Least You Need to Know
  8. 6. What Did You Do at the U?
    1. The Least You Need to Know
  9. 7. How Are You to Work With?
    1. The Least You Need to Know
  10. 8. Torture Time
    1. The Least You Need to Know
  11. 9. Show Me the Money
    1. The Least You Need to Know
  12. 10. Turning the Tables
    1. The Least You Need to Know
  13. 11. Say What?
    1. The Least You Need to Know
  14. 12. Different Strokes, Different Folks
    1. Screening Interviews
    2. Selection Interviews
    3. Group Interviews
    4. Telephone Interviews
    5. Meal Interviews
    6. Hotel Lobby/Airport/Conference/ Campus Interviews
    7. Structured vs. Unstructured Interviews
    8. Informational Interviews
    9. Videoconference Interviews
      1. The Least You Need to Know
  15. Appendix A: Glossary
  16. Appendix B: Online Resources
  17. Appendix C: Trade Associations