The Pocket Idiot's Guide™ to the FairTax

Book description

Keeping your job is job one.

In recent years, the FairTax has gained a lot of attention, but for the vast majority of Americans, there's a sense that there's still too little unbiased information on which to make an informed decision. The Pocket Idiot's Guide™ to the FairTax seeks to change that. In this book, readers get answers to all of the questions they have about the FairTax, including:

*What it is, how it's calculated, and who pays what

*Comparisons with other tax systems

*Economic and political effects of the FairTax

*Common misconceptions

*What supporters and opponents have to say

*Moral issues associated with the FairTax

*Author is a certified financial planner

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Dedication
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Introduction
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Chapter 1 - The FairTax Basics
    1. The FairTax in Simplest Terms
    2. The Quick Argument for the FairTax
    3. The Quick Argument Against the FairTax
    4. The History of the FairTax
  7. Chapter 2 - FairTax Myths and Misunderstandings
    1. Myths About the Origins of the FairTax
    2. Myths About the FairTax’s Costs
    3. Myths About the FairTax Benefit
  8. Chapter 3 - The Math of the FairTax
    1. The Basic FairTax Formula
    2. Calculations and Changes to the Three Rates
    3. Goods and Services Subject to the FairTax
    4. Who Pays the FairTax?
    5. The De MinimisRules
    6. Collecting the FairTax
  9. Chapter 4 - The FairTax and Your Wallet
    1. Money In, Money Out
    2. The Prebate
    3. Loan Interest Rates Under the FairTax
  10. Chapter 5 - Four Families Under the FairTax
    1. The Tuff Family
    2. The Middle Family
    3. The Rich Family
    4. The Greys
    5. Comparing the Four Families
  11. Chapter 6 - The Economic Effects of the FairTax
    1. FairTax Revenue Estimates
    2. FairTax Fireworks or Fizzle?
    3. Big-Ticket Economic Issues
    4. The Death of the IRS and Tax Industries
  12. Chapter 7 - The Political Effects of the FairTax
    1. The FairTax and Vote Buying
    2. Increased Transparency—Maybe
    3. Increased Voter Involvement—Maybe
  13. Chapter 8 - Ethical Issues with the FairTax
    1. Is Our Current Tax System Fair?
    2. Effects on Social Programs
  14. Chapter 9 - FairTax Conflicts of Interest
    1. FairTax Supporters with Something to Gain
    2. FairTax Opponents with Something to Lose
    3. The Media, the FairTax, and Grassroots Organizations
  15. Chapter 10 - Alternatives to the FairTax
    1. A Brief History of Taxes
    2. Alternative #1: Fix the Current System
    3. Alternative #2: The Flat Tax
    4. Alternative #3: The Value-Added Tax (VAT)
  16. Chapter 11 - What’s Next for the FairTax
    1. Questions That Need Answering
    2. Reading the FairTax Proposal
    3. What’s Next for the FairTax?
    4. If the FairTax Passes …
    5. Getting More Involved With the FairTax
  17. Appendix A
    1. Glossary
  18. Appendix B
    1. FairTax Resources
    2. Additional Resources from Ken Clark
    3. National FairTax Websites
    4. State FairTax Websites
    5. FairTax Books
  19. Index

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  • Title: The Pocket Idiot's Guide™ to the FairTax
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: February 2010
  • Publisher(s): Alpha
  • ISBN: 9781592579563