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The Pocket Idiot's Guide™ To Surviving an Audit

Book Description

An essential resource for coping with the taxing ordeal of being audited.

The Pocket Idiot's Guide™ to Surviving an Audit presents all of the information a taxpayer needs to get through an audit in one piece, including:

*What is an audit?

*The summons

*The interview

*Rights as a taxpayer

*What to bring and how to prepare your presentation

*What the auditor will bring and how he or she will prepare

*Finding a tax pro

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Introduction
  4. Chapter 1 - Tax Audit Basics
    1. Defining a Tax Audit
    2. The Evolution of Audits
    3. Selecting Returns for Audits
    4. Types of Audits
    5. An Overview of Appeals
  5. Chapter 2 - Preparing for Your Audit
    1. Understanding the Process
    2. Don’t Delay
    3. Call for Help or Go It Alone
    4. Reading and Reviewing
    5. What Documentation Do I Need?
    6. Building Your Case
    7. Your Game Plan: A Final Word
  6. Chapter 3 - Finding and Working With a Tax Professional
    1. In Search of a Tax Pro
    2. What You Want in a Tax Professional
    3. What to Expect from Your Tax Professional
    4. Tax Attorneys
  7. Chapter 4 - Gathering Your Tax Records
    1. What Are You Looking For?
    2. So Many Documents, So Little Time
    3. Home Office Deductions
    4. Numbers the IRS Shows That You Don’t
    5. Anecdotal Evidence
    6. Necessary Paperwork
  8. Chapter 5 - Supporting Your Sources of Income
    1. Overall Income
    2. Interest and Dividend Income
    3. Capital Gains
    4. Other Sources of Income
  9. Chapter 6 - Explaining Your Expenses, Deductions, and Credits
    1. Adjustments to Income
    2. Itemized Deductions
    3. Common Tax Credits
    4. Adoption Tax Credit
    5. Energy and Hybrid Vehicle Credits
  10. Chapter 7 - The Main Event: Your Audit
    1. The Actual Audit: An Overview
    2. Preparation Helps
    3. The Action Begins
    4. Minding Your Manners
    5. What Happens Next
    6. Settlements
  11. Chapter 8 - After the Audit: What to Save and What to Send
    1. What to Save
    2. What to Send
  12. Chapter 9 - Appeals and Tax Court
    1. Yes, You Have Some Recourse
    2. How to Appeal
    3. The Appeals Meetings
    4. Tax Court
  13. Chapter 10 - Avoiding Future Audits
    1. Never Again
    2. A New Attitude
  14. Glossary
  15. Index