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The Power of Convergence

Book Description

Go beyond simple alignment to maximize the role, impact, and value of technology in your organization. From technology giants to major airlines to government agencies, the landscape is littered with the shells of once-promising enterprises that failed to do one thing: Converge their impressive technology initiatives with their business strategies. With countless opportunities lost and billions wasted, these examples provide a much-needed wake up call that it is time to institutionalize a set of repeatable management practices to successfully run an organization. The Power of Convergence makes the case—and lays the groundwork—for a new understanding of the role of technology in business. No technology should be developed or deployed without a full vision of how it advances business goals, addresses customer needs, or both. Beyond that, technology should be so tightly intertwined with strategy that the two drive each other, with each at the ready when market opportunity materializes—however suddenly. With compelling examples of successes and failures at organizations from Ford Motor Company to the FBI, The Power of Convergence provides the framework and mechanisms for uniting business and technology, seeding horizontal collaborations and partnering opportunities, and capturing strategic possibilities created through convergence.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Introduction
  8. Part I Business/Technology Convergence
    1. Chapter 1 The Business/Technology Disconnect
      1. The Business/Technology Disconnect Phenomenon
      2. Why the Business/Technology Disconnect Continues
      3. From Alignment to Convergence
      4. The Takeaway: Turning Ideas into Action
    2. Chapter 2 Convergence: Concept to Value
      1. The Role of Business Technology Management
      2. The BTM Framework
      3. The Functional Areas and Capabilities of the BTM Framework
      4. The Four Critical Dimensions of BTM
      5. Advancing Capability Maturity
      6. Realizing Critical BTM Capabilities
      7. The Takeaway: Turning Ideas into Action
    3. Chapter 3 The Financial Value of Business/Technology Convergence
      1. Agility, Innovation, and Convergence
      2. Constructing the Business Technology Convergence Index
      3. The Financial Effects of Convergence
      4. The Common Characteristics of Convergence Leader Enterprises
      5. The Strategic Roles of Technology
      6. The Takeaway: Turning Ideas into Action
  9. Part II Convergence in Practice
    1. Chapter 4 The Nimble Giants: How Converged Business Models Drive Successful Large Enterprises
      1. The Innovation Imperative: Adapt or Die
      2. Architecting Business Models: A Blueprint for Convergence
      3. SEA: Architectures to Action
      4. Leadership Starts at the Top
      5. Advanced Thinking for Better Business Technology Investments
      6. The Takeaway: Turning Ideas into Action
    2. Chapter 5 The New Face of the Public Sector: How Governance Leads to Greater Government Efficiency
      1. Inefficiency: The Government’s Claim to Fame
      2. Propelling Innovation: The DARPA Way
      3. A Process Approach: A Roadmap to Success
      4. Governance: Defining Who’s in Charge
      5. Metrics: A Measure of Success
      6. The Takeaway: Turning Ideas into Action
    3. Chapter 6 Size Doesn’t Matter: How Small Enterprises Benefit from Strategic Investment Management
      1. Redefining Enterprises
      2. Strategic Investment Management
      3. The Anatomy of a Portfolio
      4. PPM: Ideas into Action
      5. Pharmaceutical Startup Prescribes PPM
      6. The Takeaway: Turning Ideas into Action
  10. Part III The Impact of Transformation
    1. Chapter 7 The Transformation Triangle
      1. Why Transform at All?
      2. Transformation Is a Process, Not a Destination
      3. The Financial Impact of the Transformation Triangle
      4. The Takeaway: Turning Ideas into Action
    2. Chapter 8 Creating Business Agility
      1. Agility Is the Essential Competitive Element
      2. Agility Introduces New Challenges
      3. The Anatomy of Business Agility
      4. Processes for Agility
      5. Technologies for Agility
      6. The Journey Toward Agility
      7. The Takeaway: Turning Ideas into Action
    3. Chapter 9 Sustained Innovation: The Science of Constantly Moving Forward
      1. The Anatomy of Sustained Innovation
      2. Technology’s Strategic Role in Sustained Innovation
      3. Calculating the Innovation Benefit
      4. The Takeaway: Turning Ideas into Action
    4. Chapter 10 Driving Operational Excellence
      1. The Anatomy of Operational Excellence
      2. Underpants Gnomes and the Excellence Journey
      3. Modeling the Operational Blueprint
      4. Key Steps in the Operational Excellence Journey
      5. The Process to Continual Return on Investment
      6. The Takeaway: Turning Ideas into Action
  11. Part IV Let the Journey Begin
    1. Chapter 11 Becoming a Better Business Technology Leader
      1. The Many Faces of Convergence
      2. More Than a Seat at the Table
      3. Management, Musical Chairs–Style
      4. Optimizing Technology Investment Management
      5. Redefining Business Strategy with Technology
      6. The Who, What, and Where of BTM
      7. Governing the Converged Organization
      8. The Final Takeaway: Are You Ready?
  12. For Further Information
  13. Notes
  14. Index
  15. About the Author and Contributors