Chapter Five

Step 2: Emotional Commitment

There is one quality which one must posses to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.

—Napoleon Hill

Step 2 of the upside of FEAR process is getting powerfully emotionally committed to your income and sales goals, as well as any other goals you identified in the focus step. This commitment step also begins the process of moving from planning your exceptional life and business to actually taking actions toward making it your new reality. This is where you will move from knowing and wanting to doing.

Think back to a memory from your childhood that sticks with you even today. Once you’ve recalled a specific memory, consider how long it took you to recall it. A millisecond? For most people, it doesn’t take long. We can recall something that happened decades ago instantly if it’s important enough to us.

Now ask yourself this question as you think about that specific memory: What were you doing an hour before or an hour after the moment in the memory? If you’re like most folks, you can’t remember.

Isn’t that something? Despite having such a clear, precise memory of something that happened when you were a kid, you can’t remember what you were doing just before or just after.

More than 400 million seconds elapse from the moment you are born through your thirteenth birthday. And if you assume that each second that ticks by is a potential memory, then that’s 400 million potential ...

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