Chapter Eight

It’s Not a Knowledge Problem; It’s a Consistency Problem!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.


I read somewhere that only about 10 percent of people who start a book actually finish it. So if you have made it this far—congratulations! That’s a pretty good sign that you really want success and are willing to do the work necessary.

If we hopped out of bed every morning, reviewed our business and personal goals for 15 minutes, ate a healthy breakfast, ran 3 miles, executed our responsibilities perfectly in our sales career, and made the projected number of cold calls every single day, life would be perfect. We would be perfect. We would be Stepford People.

But we aren’t perfect—that’s just not real life. Real life is a lot more complicated.

We all know what we should do all the time. Human nature, however, is somewhat fickle. And despite our best efforts, our actions don’t always align perfectly with what we know we should do.

Nothing you have read in this book is going to make an ounce of difference unless you actually do something with the information. You have to figure out a way to implement what you’ve learned throughout these pages.

The implementation step is by far the most important step in your life and business—there is nothing I can write that will take the place of action on your part. There is, indeed, a lot to do, but a million words on the subject will not magically result in the doing. No amount of ...

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