Chapter 7Propose–But Not Too Fast

Getting the Other Side to Go First

Role Playing

The Publisher-Agent Game

It's the year 2025. Gray-haired former politicos Al Gore and George W. Bush have retired from public life and are looking for a project to fill their days and make a few bucks. Bush has been spending time at his ranch, while Gore has been teaching stand-up comedy.

In an effort to supplement their government pensions, Al and George W. have decided to join forces and pursue an activity in which each has past experience. Not politics, but book writing. Earlier, Gore had authored It Was All Bill Clinton's Fault, for which he got a $1 million advance. Bush had received a hefty $2 million advance for his post-presidency autobiography, Wow, Did My Life Turn Out Cool! Both books had big publicity but rather disappointing sales, although each publisher was able to earn back the advance.

Now the two have agreed to collaborate on a self-help book for retirees titled Learning to Drive—And Other Stuff You Have to Do for Yourself Now That You're Not a World Leader Anymore.

It's up to you (a.k.a. Swifty McGuire), as the literary agent representing both Gore and Bush, to negotiate the largest advance you can get from the preferred publisher, Pretentious Press. If you and the publisher cannot reach an agreement (deadlock), the ...

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