Chapter 6 Experts It’s About the Process for Me

Only the first bottle is expensive.

French wine proverb

Each of the four columns represents a sensitivity to your world. Knowing your level of sensitivity to these four elements of your surroundings is essential to truly understanding and defining your authentic self. In my previous book, The Power of Understanding People, I used the terms Expert (A column), Romantic (B column), Mastermind (C column) and Warrior (D column) to label these interactive styles. For readers of both books, I will continue to use those terms while adding a couple more helpful descriptors.

The easiest way to understand your scores is to think of them as reflecting the level of emphasis you place on certain aspects of situations: process, people, possibilities and pace. The A column represents an emphasis on process, the B column on people, the C column on possibilities, and the D column on pace/point. In the following chapters, we will examine the impact of sensitivities –and lack thereof – relative to each of these focal areas. This chapter will focus on the Expert’s sensitivity to process.

The range of possible scores in each individual column is 12–48. Any assessment result with a score below 30 in a column indicates an above average sensitivity to the corresponding element of your environment being measured. Because that element is process for the A column, it measures the importance a person places on consistence and accuracy. This manifests ...

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