The Purpose Study Group

Session 1: The Meaning of Purpose


The Preface and Part I, Chapters 1—4.


Before the session, answer the following questions:

If you could live your life over again, what would you do differently? (Preface)

Look ahead. How old do you think you’ll live to be? (Chapter 1)

My calling in life is_______. (Chapter 4)


Decide who will be the facilitator.

Perform group introductions.

Read the quote by Andrew Greeley in Chapter 5 (”It seems to me that in the last analysis there are only two choices ”) aloud and discuss it.

Discuss the three presession questions (above).

Session 2: Paths to Purpose


Part II, Chapters 5-7.


Review the eight intelligences in Chapter 6.

Rank-order yourself from 1 to 8 based on ...

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