IT Governance Ltd sources, creates and delivers products and
services to meet the real-world, evolving IT governance needs
of today’s organisations, directors, managers and
The ITG website (www.itgovernance.co.uk
) is the
international one-stop-shop for corporate and IT governance
information, advice, guidance, books, tools, training and
www.itgovernance.co.uk/project_governance.aspx is the
information page on our website for Agile resources.
Other Websites
Books and tools published by IT Governance Publishing
(ITGP) are available from all business booksellers and are
also immediately available from the following websites:
is our euro-denominated website which
ships from Benelux and has a growing range of books in
European languages other than English.
www.itgovernanceusa.com is a US$-based website that
delivers the full range of IT Governance products to North
America, and ships from within the continental US.
www.itgovernanceasia.com provides a selected range of ITGP
products specifically for customers in the Indian sub-
www.itgovernance.asia delivers the full range of ITGP
publications, serving countries across Asia Pacific. Shipping
from Hong Kong, US dollars, Singapore dollars, Hong Kong
ITG Resources
dollars, New Zealand dollars and Thai baht are all accepted
through the website.
ITG’s unique range of toolkits includes the IT Governance
Framework Toolkit, which contains all the tools and guidance
that you will need in order to develop and implement an
appropriate IT governance framework for your organisation.
For a free paper on how to use the proprietary Calder-Moir IT
Governance Framework, and for a free trial version of the
toolkit, see www.itgovernance.co.uk/calder_moir.aspx
Training Services
IT Governance offers an extensive portfolio of training
courses designed to educate information security, IT
governance, risk management and compliance professionals.
Our classroom and online training programmes will help you
develop the skills required to deliver best practice and
compliance to your organisation. They will also enhance your
career by providing you with industry standard certifications
and increased peer recognition. Our range of courses offer a
structured learning path from Foundation to Advanced level
in the key topics of information security, IT governance,
business continuity and service management.
Our Implementing IT Governance: Foundation and Principles
training course delivers introductory training to raise
awareness, build knowledge and develop a complete
understanding of IT governance and its implementation. It has
been specifically designed to show delegates how to create a
single integrated management framework that ensures that IT
ITG Resources
truly supports and delivers on all organisational strategies and
Full details of all IT Governance training courses can be
found at www.itgovernance.co.uk/training.aspx
Professional Services and Consultancy
The IT Governance Professional Services team can show you
how to apply Agile concepts to the most complex
development projects. Our expert consultants can guide and
inspire you in the use of Agile, providing you with the
practical techniques to improve delivery efficiencies, control
your implementation costs, and meet your sales targets by
building customer loyalty.
We believe that Agile Business Management is hard work
and requires a cultural shift from the traditional business
practices of hierarchical corporate structures, customer
engagement, staff management, and work processes. We will
show you the Agile methods that create flexibility and ensure
adaptability to changing circumstances, accepting that
nothing changes more than your Customer’s needs. You will
learn how to change from a traditional hierarchy towards self-
empowered individuals and Teams. In this way, you will
develop engaged employees with the responsibility,
accountability and authority to deliver to the Customer’s
Requirements, shaping and directing outcomes, while
regularly delivering partial, though functional, products.
For more information about IT Governance: Consultancy and
Training Services see:

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