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The Power of the Agile Business Analyst - 30 surprising ways a business analyst can add value to your Agile development team

Book Description

Agile methodologies go to great lengths to provide developers with the tools and support they need to produce world-class software. Yet, they rely on individual business users having sufficient knowledge, vision, objectivity, and time to ensure the best possible business solution is delivered.

When business users do not receive the equivalent level of collaboration and validation that is provided to Agile developers, the team risks having the software development succeed and the overall project fail.

Having an Agile business analyst on the project provides business users with critical support in identifying, verifying, and prioritizing requirements. An Agile business analyst provides Agile developers with a business-knowledgeable resource, working with them throughout the project, including valuable assistance in their analysis, design, testing, and implementation work.

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience as a senior business analyst and international solutions consultant, Jamie Lynn Cooke details 30 achievable ways in which Agile business analysts can increase the relevance, quality, and overall business value of your solutions, and position your projects to receive ongoing funding and executive support.

Read this book and discover how an Agile business analyst can significantly increase the value of your solution.