8 Dimensions of Data Quality

Chapter outline

  • 8.1 What Are Dimensions of Data Quality? 130
  • 8.2 Categorization of Dimensions 131
  • 8.3 Describing Data Quality Dimensions 134
  • 8.4 Intrinsic Dimensions 135
  • 8.5 Contextual 138
  • 8.6 Qualitative Dimensions 142
  • 8.7 Finding Your Own Dimensions 146
  • 8.8 Summary 146

According to the famous British mathematical physicist Lord Kelvin, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” And although the fitness of data for any specific purpose is typically dependent on the characteristics and needs of the business users, the measures of poor data quality are frequently described only using examples and anecdotes. The absence of a rigorous means for measurement limits one's ability to effectively quantify a measure ...

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