The Presentation Workout

Book description

Arm yourself with everything you need to quickly become an expert presenter.
The Presentation Workout has been specially designed to help you perfect the art of presenting in any situation. Packed full of practical advice and easy-to-follow techniques, our 10-step improvement plan will show you how to enhance your skills and ensure you deliver a polished performance every time.
·    Test yourself – Establish your strengths and weakness with our pre-workout assessment
·    Follow the 10 Steps – Discover the skills that every presenter needs to succeed
·    Take action –  Learn how to build your new knowledge into your everyday performance
·    Face your fears –  Increase your confidence and confront the 10 most common presenting challenges  
 Start your presentation workout today and begin exercising your full potential.
"Absolutely perfect – full of hints and tips for every type of presentation."
Louise Bateman, Human Resources Director, Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution
"Brilliantly captures the tips, tools, strategies and techniques of how to become an accomplished presenter. A great read and it’s a book that I will be continually referring to!"
Andrew Richards, Group Managing Director, Linden Homes
"Easy to read and dip into as a lasting reference tool."
Lee Mortimer, Training Quality Manager, Capita Learning Services

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Table of Contents
  4. About the author
  5. Author’s acknowledgements
  6. Publisher’s acknowledgements
  7. Introduction
  8. Self-assessment questionnaire
  9. PART 1 10 steps to present with style
    1. Step 1 What is the purpose of your presentation?
    2. Step 2 Understand your audience and connect with them
    3. Step 3 Structure your presentation and craft your words
    4. Step 4 Get the opening right
    5. Step 5 Get your audience involved
    6. Step 6 Use of visual aids, body language and dress codes
    7. Step 7 Improve the clarity of your presentation
    8. Step 8 How to handle questions
    9. Step 9 How to deliver your presentation with confidence
    10. Step 10 Close powerfully and review your presentation
  10. PART 2 10 presenting skills in action
    1. Skill 1 Presenting to sell a product
    2. Skill 2 Presenting a concept or idea
    3. Skill 3 Presenting to motivate and inspire
    4. Skill 4 Presenting change
    5. Skill 5 Presenting a team brief
    6. Skill 6 Presenting a new project
    7. Skill 7 Presenting at a meeting
    8. Skill 8 Presenting on a conference call or webinar
    9. Skill 9 Presenting data
    10. Skill 10 Presenting in 5 minutes
  11. PART 3 10 common presenting challenges
    1. Challenge 1 How do I prepare with no time to prepare?
    2. Challenge 2 How do I fit it all in, with little time available?
    3. Challenge 3 How do I get people to listen and engage?
    4. Challenge 4 How do I get people to take action?
    5. Challenge 5 How do I manage interruptions?
    6. Challenge 6 How do I manage difficult people?
    7. Challenge 7 How do I deal with questions?
    8. Challenge 8 How do I handle nerves?
    9. Challenge 9 How do I remember what I want to say?
    10. Challenge 10 How do I make a boring subject interesting?
  12. Putting it into action (the mentor toolkit)
  13. Self-assessment questionnaire
  14. What did you think of this book?
  15. Bibliography and further reading
  16. Index
  17. Endorsements
  18. Advertisements
  19. Imprint

Product information

  • Title: The Presentation Workout
  • Author(s): Kate Atkin
  • Release date: August 2015
  • Publisher(s): Pearson Education Limited
  • ISBN: 9781292076720