Are you seduced by working “in” the business at the expense of “on” it?

The IN–ON PRIME enables people to distinguish between working IN the business from working ON the business. Most people, especially leaders and managers, spend too much time in the operation and far too little time working on it.3

When working IN your business, you operate the systems and solve the problems that already exist. When you work ON your business, your activities either change or transform it; you bring forth new ways for the business to operate and produce extraordinary results (or failure) in the market. The power of this PRIME is unleashed once you recognize that at any time, you are either working IN your business or ON your business. IN isn't ON and there's no overlap.

Working “ON” the Business Working “IN” the Business
Imagining the business as it will be Operating the business as it is
Setting strategic direction Implementing strategy
Establishing budget Managing budget
Establishing hiring criteria Hiring people
Transforming the system Making the current system run better
Identifying new markets Servicing the current market
What are we going to do next? How can we do what we are doing better?
Determining what customers to serve Servicing existing customers
Causing creative tension Resolving creative tension

IN is seductive, whereas ON is ambiguous and scary. IN provides ...

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