Is your vision limited to what you've already seen?

Groups typically create visions based on what they already know. Some groups take the next step, and create visions that are dependent on learning things they know they don't already know. Real visionaries do the following:

  • Understand that most of what is needed is available in the universe; they do not know what they do not know.
  • Believe that whatever they need to realize—whatever vision they declare—is out there in the future somewhere.
  • Trust that the universe will make available whatever the visionary needs.

Visualize beyond what you know.

There is also a dark side to TRUST THE UNIVERSE. When I interviewed leaders for this book, I introduced the PRIMES to them in the form of cards laid out on a table, with one PRIME on each card. I invited them to select a few that “jumped out” at them.

Dennis Whittle, founder of a cutting-edge, Web-based social entrepreneurship firm called Global Giving, quickly selected five PRIMES and gave me his thoughts on the first four.4 With the last card still in his hand, he hesitated and began to tap it on the table a bit too hard. His eyes welled up, which is uncharacteristic of him. He held up the TRUST THE UNIVERSE card and said, “This one is schlock!” I knew more was coming, so I stayed quiet. “TRUST THE UNIVERSE is a myth,” he continued. “It's a required myth, an essential ...

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