Do you know how to turn strangers, competitors, cautious allies, and suspicious stakeholders into powerful, outcome-driven coalitions?

Any group's power is a function of (1) the degree to which its members are willing to operate from a shared perspective, (2) the degree to which they will commit to a shared intent, and (3) the level of coordination of their actions. A weakness in any part of the triangle erodes the power.

Power is one of three ways to get something accomplished, along with authority and force. The source of the energy is what distinguishes each of the three.

1. Force gets members of the group to do something because they are intimidated by your sheer strength. The energy of force comes from the simple fact that you can beat others up if they do not comply.
2. Authority requires that you compel someone to do something because you have been empowered by a larger community to enforce its will. The energy of authority is generated outside the group and delegated to one who then uses it to get the group to act in a specific manner.
3. Power is energy that is generated from within the group by the group itself when members freely choose to work collectively toward a common outcome. The group also chooses to empower its leader to work in the group's best interest.

The POWER PRIME reveals the components required to generate unprecedented levels of power. Leaders ...

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