We all say how important trust is. What is trust? How do you generate it and how do you destroy it?

Everyone discusses how critical it is for high-performance groups to establish trust. But what exactly is it? How do we generate—and destroy—TRUST? And if we do destroy it, can TRUST be regenerated?

To TRUST is to believe that a person keeps his or her word. That's it. Some people, upon first meeting, assume they can TRUST you. They start out relationships with a full TRUST bucket, while others start out with an empty bucket and need evidence to fill it. Frankly, this is a distinction without difference. It really does not matter how people choose to start out in relation to their TRUST in you because you have the power to generate TRUST. The key is to give your word and keep it—over and over again. Doing this will fill any trust bucket and/or keep it full.

Being trusted is the result of living in INTEGRITY with everyone you encounter. Every time someone makes a REQUEST of you, something is going to happen to the TRUST bucket.

This is why there are no small requests. Giving your word is giving your word regardless of the magnitude of the REQUEST. INTEGRITY is binary. You either keep your word or do not keep your word; size does not matter.

I have a friend who taught people how to be ambassadors in foreign countries. He introduced them to the concept of the “Three-fer” as ...

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