Right versus right arguments have been going on forever. What can we learn from our ancestors?

You'll likely encounter one or more dilemmas on the path to your declared outcome. The RESOLUTION PRINCIPLES PRIME can help you find the highest “right” when faced with the toughest choices.

Every leader has faced the challenge of handling an underperforming employee. This dilemma is particularly difficult when extenuating circumstances (for example, factors outside the person's control such as family or health issues) contribute to a lack of performance. Such a situation puts managers squarely between their “compassionate” desire to do what is “right” for the individual and their “just” desire to do what is “right” for the organization—as well as any other employees who bear the burden of the underperformance.

There are only three ways to make the best choice when faced with such a RIGHT versus RIGHT dilemma:

1. End-based: Select the option that generates the most good for the most people.
2. Rule-based: Choose as if you're creating a universal standard.
3. Care-based: Choose as if you were the one most affected by your decision.

As Rumi said: “Out beyond right and wrong, there is a green field. I'll meet you there.”

Ethical dilemmas are unavoidable and often hidden from view. To resolve them with others is a distinct and potentially rich human experience. We ...

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