VI.68 Felix Hausdorff

b. Breslau, Germany (now Wroclaw, Poland), 1868;d. Bonn, Germany, 1942Set theory; topology

Hausdorff studied mathematics at Leipzig, Freiburg, and Berlin between 1887 and 1891, and then started research in applied mathematics at Leipzig under Heinrich Bruns. After his habilitation (1895) he taught first at Leipzig and then later at Bonn (1910-13, 1921-35) and Greifswald (1913-21). He is best known for his work in set theory and general topology, his magnum opus being Grundzüge der Mengenlehre (“Basic features of set theory”). It was published in 1914 and had second and third editions in 1927 and 1935. The second edition was so heavily revised in content, however, that it should really be considered a new book.

In his early ...

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