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The Programmer’s Guide to iSeries Navigator

Book Description

iSeries Navigator is a favorite tool of operators and administrators—who use it with great success—but many programmers have missed the great programming tools that is provides! This book introduces you to iSeries Navigator along with all the powerful tools and interfaces that will expand your programming horizons. As iSeries applications continue to move toward a graphical user interface (GUI), so does the development environment. Programs such as CODE and WDSC may fill the need for the programming environment, but iSeries Navigator fills the programmer's need for general system access as well as database management and development.

Starting with an introduction to the basics of iSeries Navigator—including how to perform standard day-to-day commands in Navigator as opposed to green screen—the book goes on to explain the advantages of Navigator over green screen operations.

For the programmer, it is in the GUI interface to DDL in Navigators that they will realize the most benefit. And, as DDS for database is replaced by SQL’s DDL, the importance of knowing iSeries Navigator will grow. Navigator also provides GUI equivalents of standard green screen commands such as WRKSPLF, WRKSBMJOB, and DSPJOB, as well as graphical access to the Integrated File System (IFS).

To maximize your efficiencies as a programmer, you need to learn the intricacies of this interface. Join Paul Tuohy as he shows you the ins and outs of iSeries Navigator in a helpful, comprehensive, and entertaining way.

With a foreword by Susan Gantner

With The Programmer’s Guide to iSeries Navigator you will:
• Learn iSeries Navigator from a programmer's point of view
• Discover database features that are uniquely available with DDL
• Get a true GUI interface to the Database Navigator that far exceeds any green screen
• Use the Integrated File System (IFS) to access PCs from the iSeries
• Access the IFS to share directories, store program sources, and more
• Discover Navigator tools that simplify SQL coding
• Simplify the task of creating SQL tables in place of DDS-created physical files
• Improve the performance of your SQL statements with the Visual Explain tool
• Master the database feature of Navigator to create and maintain collections, tables, views, indexes, constraints, and functions