The Project Management Book

Book description

The Project Management Book addresses the real-life scenarios and issues that anyone responsible for managing a project is likely to face on a day to day basis.  It provides solutions to the everyday issues involved in managing projects, including:


  • Defining your project
  • Understanding your role as a project manager
  • Dealing with external problems
  • Learning from Lean and Six Sigma
  • Delivering projects in times of change
  • It also includes a handy glossay of project management jargon

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. About the author
  5. Preface
  6. Introduction
  7. Part 1 The foundations
    1. Projects
    2. Project management
    3. The role of the project manager
    4. Customers, clients and users
  8. Part 2 Setting up your project
    1. Defining your project
    2. Objectives, deliverables and tasks
    3. Building a plan
    4. Estimating and resourcing
  9. Part 3 Utilising the team, sponsor and stakeholders
    1. The high-performance project team
    2. Global and offshore teams
    3. The effective sponsor
    4. A productive stakeholder community
  10. Part 4 Delivering the project
    1. Managing progress: perform, deliver, accomplish
    2. What project managers need to know
    3. Understanding project risk
    4. Value-added project reporting
  11. Part 5 Practical project management
    1. Making risk management real
    2. The temptations and costs of multi-tasking
    3. The right and wrong uses of the plan on a page
    4. Audit, assure, control or coach the project?
  12. Part 6 The project environment
    1. Prioritisation
    2. The culture of delivery
    3. The limits to planning and prediction
    4. Dealing with external problems
  13. Part 7 Integrated project management
    1. The strengths and limits of project management
    2. Bridging the divide: project and change managers
    3. From delivery to benefits realisation
    4. The lessons from lean and six sigma
  14. Part 8 Aligning projects to business needs
    1. High-speed project management
    2. Delivering in a cost-constrained environment
    3. Optionality in projects
    4. Who has a valid interest in the project?
  15. Part 9 Challenging projects
    1. Taking over the project no-one is running
    2. Not seeing the wood for the trees
    3. The customers who do not know what they want
    4. Delivering in times of change
  16. Part 10 The improving project manager
    1. Learning from projects
    2. Best practice, continuous improvement and accreditation
    3. Adopting a new project management approach
    4. Building a project delivery capability
  17. Glossary
  18. Index
  19. Imprint

Product information

  • Title: The Project Management Book
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2013
  • Publisher(s): FT Publishing International
  • ISBN: 9780273788799