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The Pulse of Mixed Media

Book Description

Listen closely…can you hear it?

Can you hear the voices? Thoughts, insights, confessions from the creative community sharing ideas, trading secrets, venting frustrations; asking and answering questions such as, "What color rarely shows up in your work?" or "How do you express vulnerability in you art?" Or "What is one current trend that you wish would go away?" As artists, we are curious by nature and there is a longing to see inside the hearts and minds of artistic souls of our own kind. That is the beat of our lives—the Pulse of Mixed Media!

In this book—a complex survey of artists around the globe—there is much for you to discover:

  • Visual insights: Many questions are answered not only in words, but often through visual art, and include self-portraits from 31 spotlight artists such as Pam Carriker, Danny Gregory and Judy Wise.
  • A diverse sampling of provocative questions: Over 100 artists share their thoughts on everything from color, media and tools, to emotions, secrets and self-revelations
  • Insightful sidebar statistics: Data from thousands of participants collected through polls on the author's blog reveal a remarkable analysis of the creative community at large
Indulge your inner voyeur and soak up some inspiration with The Pulse of Mixed Media today!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Taking the Pulse
  5. Spotlight Artists
  6. Section One: The Artistic Ingredient
    1. If your artwork could talk, what would it say?
    2. What three words do not describe your artistic style?
    3. What shows up from time to time in your art that surprises you?
    4. What art material or genre have you been hesitant about but have always wanted to try?
    5. What is the one secret ingredient that makes your artwork uniquely yours?
    6. Do you deliberately hide messages in your artwork?
    7. Is there a color that rarely shows up in your artwork?
    8. What is your current art obsession?
    9. What is your biggest pet peeve in terms of art?
    10. Is there one art material you couldn’t live without?
  7. Section Two: Passion in Action
    1. Who has had the most impact on your creative life?
    2. How do you express passion in your artwork?
    3. If you had your choice of fame versus income as an artist, which would you choose?
    4. What is your most quirky creative habit?
    5. What is the one choice as an artist that you regret having made or not made?
    6. Is there an emotion that shows up more frequently than others in your artwork?
    7. What obstacle has stopped you from achieving an art-related goal?
    8. How do you express anger in your artwork?
    9. If you could sell one piece of art to anyone, who would you want to buy it?
    10. How do you express vulnerability in your artwork?
  8. Section Three: Secrets Revealed
    1. What is one thing you’ve never shared with the creative community?
    2. Can you share a secret?
    3. Do you enjoy working more intuitively or by carefully thinking through your process?
    4. Do you think creative types are moodier than those with less artistic inclinations?
    5. Have you ever lost a friendship over art?
    6. What is one current trend that you wish would go away?
    7. What expresses the innermost you?
    8. Do you create art to work through inner issues, or is studio time more of a distraction to keep you from facing your problems?
    9. Is creativity built-in, learned or both?
    10. How has the Internet changed your artistic practice?
    11. What is your biggest fear?
    12. Have you ever received artwork from others and reworked it as your own?
    13. What do you think your preferred art medium says about your personality?
    14. What is your secret dream as an artist?
  9. Over 100 Artists
  10. Dedication
  11. Acknowledgments
  12. Seth Apter, Revealed …
  13. Copyright