The Quantum Age of IT: Why everything you know about IT is about to change

Book description

The guide to modern IT

'IT as we know it is dead.'

Forces are at work that are reshaping the very fabric of the IT organisation. Driven by our own history, changing perceptions of how technology should work and newfound, but very real, competition, IT organisations are struggling to evolve – but into what?

Keep your IT ahead of the competition

In The Quantum Age of IT, Charles Araujo examines what has led us to this point and what it means to the future of IT organisations. With a broad perspective on the fundamental changes affecting the industry, he offers practical guidance that every IT professional needs to compete in this new era of IT.

Whether you are an IT executive, or just beginning your career, this book will offer you the key insights you need to understand what is happening and what is coming.Understanding that future, Araujo blends a wide range of research and case studies to help you discover the skills you must develop in order to succeed and thrive in The Quantum Age of IT.

Understand the future of IT

As you read this book, you will be able to:

  • Understand how and why your IT function has changed and define its future role
  • Compete in this new age by embracing the five traits that will define the IT organisation of The Quantum Age
  • Remain effective and relevant as you understand and implement fundamental changes to future-proof your IT function
  • Maintain and develop excellent customer relations by better understanding your clients and their requirements
  • Meet the unique needs of all your customers, as you adopt the five key skills that all IT professionals will have to have
  • Learn from the past and look forward to a bright future!

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Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. What Others are Saying about this Book
  5. Foreword
  6. About the Author
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Contents
  9. Introduction
  10. Part I: IT Is Dead
    1. Chapter 1: The History of Our Death (Why the Modern IT Structure Has Failed Us)
      1. The history of our death – part 1
      2. The history of our death – part 2
      3. Prelude to a change
      4. Chapter 1 key points
    2. Chapter 2: Consumerization, Clouds and a Change in Perspective
      1. The search box, the social network, and the i that changed the world
      2. The day technology became the business
      3. A new world of competition
      4. Chapter 2 key points
  11. Part II: The New IT Business Model: Strategic Sourcer or Strategic Innovator
    1. Chapter 3: Walmart or Nordstrom? (Why You Must Choose Which You Will Be)
      1. The end of the monolithic IT enterprise
      2. The ‘T’ in the road
      3. One market, two business models
      4. The Strategic Sourcer
      5. The Strategic Innovator
      6. ‘Choosing’ your new IT business model
      7. Laying the groundwork for your new IT business model
      8. Chapter 3 key points
    2. Chapter 4: Mastering the Supply Chain and the Value Network
      1. From manufacturing to retail
      2. The broker fallacy: aligning your supply chain to your business model
      3. Defining your value network
      4. Creating and managing your supply chain
      5. New traits and new skills for a new age
      6. Chapter 4 key points
  12. Part III: The Five Traits of the Quantum IT Organization
    1. Chapter 5: New Organizational Traits for a New Age
      1. The design of your culture
      2. What was wrong with our old traits?
      3. Creating new mental models
      4. The journey to change your organizational traits
      5. The five traits of the Quantum IT organization
      6. Chapter 5 key points
    2. Chapter 6: A Ticket to the Dance: Creating a Learning and Disciplined Organization
      1. The credibility gap
      2. Your ticket to the dance
      3. What it means to be a learning organization
      4. Why a robot is NOT disciplined
      5. Learning and discipline starts with you
      6. Chapter 6 key points
    3. Chapter 7: Key Principles of the Learning and Disciplined Organization
      1. Shared, aspirational vision
      2. Personal accountability
      3. Systems thinking and representative versus representation
      4. Expose assumptions and challenge mental models
      5. Practice, practice, practice
      6. Chapter 7 key points
    4. Chapter 8: Tearing down the Wall: Creating a Transparent and Intimate Organization
      1. Come look under the hood
      2. What are we afraid of?
      3. Transparency = choice
      4. Crossing the intimacy line
      5. The courage to be vulnerable
      6. Tell the truth. Discover the truth
      7. Humility, vulnerability and time
      8. We are talking about you (yes, really)
      9. Chapter 8 key points
    5. Chapter 9: The IT Organization Your Customer Always Wanted: Creating the Dynamic Organization
      1. Miracles not required
      2. It’s a fast, fast world
      3. Building on the foundation
      4. From the old, the new
      5. The attributes of the dynamic organization
      6. The IT organization you and your customer always wanted
      7. Chapter 9 key points
  13. Part IV: Five Skills You Need to Thrive in the Quantum Age
    1. Chapter 10: The People Problem: Why Your Technical Skills Will Work Against You
      1. The myth of organizational transformation
      2. Cooking up the five traits
      3. ‘What got you here won’t get you there’
      4. Five skills (and three questions) that are the keys to your future
      5. Chapter 10 key points
    2. Chapter 11: Five Skills Every IT Professional Needs Now
      1. The evolution and mastery of your skills
      2. IT financial management skills
      3. Critical thinking and analytical skills
      4. Communication and marketing skills
      5. Innovation and collaboration skills
      6. Leadership skills
      7. Embracing the change and preparing for your future
      8. Chapter 11 key points
    3. Chapter 12: Your Road Ahead
      1. One person at a time
      2. A personal journey, but not alone
      3. Assemble your tribe
      4. Set off on your great adventure
  14. Resources for Your Quantum Age Journey
  15. A Practical Guide to Getting Started
    1. Your reading list
    2. Frameworks to guide you
    3. Parallel paths
    4. Your personal journey
    5. Your organizational journey
  16. The Quantum Age Consortium
    1. You’re not on this journey alone
    2. The QIT Framework
    3. Join the movement
  17. References
    1. Books
    2. Journals
    3. Online
    4. Interviews
  18. ITG Resources

Product information

  • Title: The Quantum Age of IT: Why everything you know about IT is about to change
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2012
  • Publisher(s): IT Governance Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781849284516