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The Quick Pickle Cookbook

Book Description

The Quick Pickle Cookbook includes recipes for pickling various fruits and vegetables as well as how to use them in different dishes and cocktails.

Table of Contents

    1. Ingredients
    2. Process
  4. Vegetable Pickles
    1. Killer Diller Pickles
    2. Russian Beef Barley Soup with Pickles
    3. Spicy Bread-and-Butter Pickles
    4. Pickle-Brined Chicken
    5. Curried Pickle Spears
    6. Pickled Egg Tartine
    7. Fried Pickles with Ranch
    8. Hot-and-Sour Garlic Pickle Chips
    9. Pickled Plum Tomatoes with Chipotle
    10. Pickled Radish Chips
    11. Pickled Sweet Beets with Pearl Onions
    12. Super Quick Borscht
    13. Sunchoke Pickle Relish
    14. Pickled Ginger
    15. Yellow Wax Beans with Garlic and Tarragon
    16. Pickled Asparagus with Dill and Coriander
    17. Smoky Okra Pickles
    18. Ginger-Pickled Snap Peas
    19. Stir-Fried Shrimp with Ginger-Pickled Snap Peas
    20. Pickled Shallots with Rosemary and Lemon
    21. Pickled Shallot Mignonette
    22. Pickled Ramps
    23. Pickled Leeks and Asparagus
    24. Pickled Asparagus Remoulade
    25. Italian-Style Pickled Eggplant
    26. Pickled Thai Eggplant
    27. Turkey Larb with Pickled Thai Eggplant
    28. Sweet Ginger Watermelon Rind
    29. Zucchini Piccalilli
    30. Almost-Instant Kimchi
    31. Korean Cubano
    32. Korean-Spiced Roast Pork
    33. Pickled Red Cabbage with Horseradish and Caraway
    34. Grilled Gruyère with Pickled Red Cabbage
    35. Giardiniera (Mixed Italian Pickles)
    36. Fire-Roasted Pickled Baby Bell Peppers
    37. Pickled-Pepper Romesco
    38. Pickled Red and Green Chiles
    39. Tangy Green Tomato Pickles
    40. Pickled Wild Mushrooms
    41. Wilted Kale Salad with Bacon and Pickled Mushrooms
  5. Fruit Pickles
    1. Bourbon-Pickled Blackberries
    2. Blackberry Pickle Gin Smash
    3. Blackberry Pickle Eton Mess
    4. White Balsamic Pickled Strawberries
    5. Chai-Pickled Peaches
    6. Toasted Pound Cake with Chai-Pickled Peaches
    7. Pickled Plums
    8. Pickled Plum Granita
    9. Honey and Star Anise Pickled Apricots
    10. Pickled Apricot BBQ Glaze for Ribs
    11. Pickled Black Cherries with Cardamom
    12. Duck Breasts with Pickled Cherries
    13. Pickled Figs with Balsamic
    14. Bacon-Wrapped Pickled Figs and Goat Cheese
    15. Pickled Grapes with Vanilla and Pink Peppercorns
    16. Easy Grape Sorbet
    17. Crunchy Pickled Pears with Warm Spices
    18. Baked Camembert with Pickled Pears
    19. Pickled Lychees with Ginger and Lemongrass
    20. Coconut-Lychee Ice Cream
    21. Green Mango Pickle
    22. Lime-Chile Pickled Pineapple
    23. Pineapple-Aperol Spritz
    24. Pickled Rhubarb with Shallots
  9. INDEX