The Quick Python Book, Second Edition

Book description

This revision of Manning's popular The Quick Python Book offers a clear, crisp introduction to the elegant Python programming language and its famously easy-to-read syntax. Written for programmers new to Python, this updated edition covers features common to other languages concisely, while introducing Python's comprehensive standard functions library and unique features in detail.

After exploring Python's syntax, control flow, and basic data structures, the book shows how to create, test, and deploy full applications and larger code libraries. It addresses established Python features as well as the advanced object-oriented options available in Python 3. Along the way, you'll survey the current Python development landscape, including GUI programming, testing, database access, and web frameworks.

About the Technology

About the Book

What's Inside
  • Concepts and Python 3 features
  • Regular expressions and testing
  • Python tools
  • All the Python you need—nothing you don't

About the Reader

About the Author

Second edition author Naomi Ceder is Director of Technology at the Canterbury School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she teaches and uses Python. The first edition of this book was written by Daryl Harms and Kenneth McDonald.

The quickest way to learn the basics of Python.
- Massimo Perga, Microsoft

This is my favorite Python book...a competent way into serious Python programming.
- Edmon Begoli, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Great book...covers the new incarnation of Python.
- William Kahn-Greene, Participatory Culture Foundation

Like Python itself, its emphasis is on readability and rapid development.
- David McWhirter, Cranberryink

Python coders will love this nifty book.
- Sumit Pal, Leapfrogrx

Product information

  • Title: The Quick Python Book, Second Edition
  • Author(s): David Fugate, Naomi Ceder
  • Release date: December 2009
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781935182207