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The Quick & Easy Guide to Photographing Your Artwork

Book Description

Shoot your work like a pro!

Whether you're entering your paintings in an art show, compiling your portfolio or simply documenting your art, you need flawless pictures of your work. But how do you get professional slides without buying expensive equipment or paying a photographer?

With The Quick & Easy Guide to Photographing Your Artwork, you'll learn how to use materials you already own to produce quality slides of your art. Photographer, artist and teacher Roger Saddington shows you:

  • What kind of camera, light and film to use for optimum results
  • How to capture the nature of your work, whether it's two- or three-dimensional or has other unique qualities
  • The best way to set up a studio
  • How to avoid common problems such as poor framing, camera shake, glare, color casts and more!
In The Quick & Easy Guide to Photographing Your Artwork, you'll find all the secrets and surefire methods you need to produce professional, accurate slides and prints of your art.