Intersecting a Ray with a Cube

The intersection algorithm must decide whether a given ray intersects any of the cube’s six faces or whether the ray misses the cube altogether. Treat those two cases as tests, starting with the first one: a ray intersecting a cube.

Test #1: A Ray Intersects a Cube

Show that the local_intersect function for a cube correctly identifies intersections on any face.

This test creates a single cube and then casts a ray at each of its faces to show that the algorithm works correctly from all six directions.

 Scenario Outline​: A ray intersects a cube
 Given​ c ← cube()
 And​ r ← ray(<origin>, <direction>)
 When​ xs ← local_intersect(c, r)
 Then​ xs.count = 2
 And​ xs[0].t = <t1>
 And ...

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