Chapter 1. Deciding to Decide

Take It, Leave It, Change It


Today's decisions are tomorrow's realities.


The Reactor Factor is all about making decisions to get better outcomes. I believe you always have three choices: you can (1) Take it, (2) Leave it, or (3) Change it. I call this the "TLC" of decision making. When you are stuck, you need to stop, decide to decide, and ask yourself the TLC of deciding to decide. Excuses and whining don't allow you to take a fresh look at what you can control; TLC does. TLC requires you to take personal responsibility and be accountable for your actions. True business success is established by conquering the Reactor Factor and learning how to quickly turn the negatives into more palpable and positive outcomes.

Oh, I know; life is hard, and it is not always fair. But look at it this way: you can choose to let your situation suck the life out of you; or you can rise above all the negative chatter about not being able to control your boss, your company, your peers, your subordinates, your job, your time, and your projects. And yes, it really is your choice.

In fact, every situation you face gives you the opportunity to choose and control the outcome. It stuns me that so many professionals choose not to take personal responsibility for their outcomes. For many, pointing fingers is easier; and then they wonder why they feel so out of control. This book will not only help you make better choices, it will also help you understand what you can ...

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