1 Settling In

It was 7:55 a.m. on a beautiful Southern California Monday, and Des Hogan, the brand-new chief executive officer of COR-Med Corporation, leaned back in his new executive chair, put his hands behind his head, his feet up on his desk, and mentally patted himself on the back.

Well, buddy, he thought, you’ve really made it: CEO of a $35M company before you turn 40; a fabulous, loving wife; two wonderful kids—well, one, anyway—a son, and also one moody teenage daughter; a new company-leased “Beemer” parked just outside; a washboard stomach; and a small, but growing slice of the medical device market in the United States and overseas. Life couldn’t be much sweeter.

A text from his wife Laura came in: “Good luck! So proud of you! Love, ME.” After texting “Thank You!!” he made a mental note: give wonderful gift to wonderful wife because she’s always encouraging me to “go for it.” You wouldn’t be here, he reminded himself, without her.

And “luck”? Yeah, Des thought, luck may have played a part in landing this gig. But mostly, he felt that he’d been put in this position on his merits, because of who he was and what he’d done. He didn’t necessarily think he needed a lot of luck to be successful from here on; he just needed determination.

Sure, he’d only been tapped for this job ten days ago. And yes, the previous CEO and CFO had been terminated under mysterious circumstances, leaving the company in much worse shape than they’d found it in. In fact, he really didn’t know ...

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