6 Seeing Respect in Action

Stunned by the unexpected events of the morning, Des, uncharacteristically, decided to take a walk around the block to try to clear his head and think.

As he headed out the main door, he desperately hoped he’d bump into Janet coming back into the building, having changed her mind about quitting and willing to give them all another chance. But no such luck. Neither Janet nor Matt was anywhere to be seen.

So Des walked, and walked, and walked some more, for over an hour; replaying what had happened over and over in his head. The moment Janet resigned was incredibly painful, especially since he hadn’t seen it coming. He felt like a block of old granite, thick, dumb, and clueless, and he wasn’t sure what he should do about her threat or who he should call for guidance.

He was, however, sure that he couldn’t tell Chuck about it right away. He just didn’t have the stomach for his boss’s invective. In fact, given the way the plan fell apart so disastrously, he’d realized that he’d lost all respect for Chuck, and was fairly certain he was never going to trust his counsel ever again.

Finally, as he rounded the corner to go back into the building, Des concluded that Grace was right: he had work to do, serious work. His gut instincts told him that whatever he was going to do, he needed to do it fast. But what? What could he possibly do to start to turn this whole insanely crappy situation around?

As he passed the doorway to the now empty conference room, he ...

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