Concepts, Tools, and Techniques

Brief Questions and Answers About Respectful Leadership

What Is “Respectful Leadership”?

Respectful Leadership is the practice of giving others—regardless of their (or your) status, rank, or position—the kind of sincere, genuine regard and consideration that you want them to give you.

What Are the “Big Ideas” of Respectful Leadership?

  • The Respectful Leader is the respected leader.
  • Respectful Leadership is contagious.
  • Respectful organizational cultures have positive, sustainable business results.

What Are the Seven RespectfulDo’s?

  1. Be the First to Respect
  2. Practice Regular Respect
  3. Be Respect-Worthy
  4. Look for Diamonds in the Rough
  5. Get Your Shift Together
  6. Nip Disrespect in the Bud, Respectfully
  7. Offer a Full Apology for Disrespect

What Are the Five RespectfulDon’ts?

  1. Don’t Try to Stop Disrespect with More Disrespect
  2. Don’t Tolerate Disrespect
  3. Don’t Be Distracted
  4. Don’t Minimize the Power of Respect
  5. Don’t Stop Practicing Respectful Leadership

How Will I Personally Benefit from Practicing Respectful Leadership?

  1. You will be more respected.
  2. Your team will be more respectful, productive, collaborative, trusting, loyal, and willing to go the extra mile when the going gets tough.
  3. You’ll be more resilient and better able to manage others during times of crisis.
  4. You will experience greater composure, confidence, and satisfaction at work and in life.
  5. You will be better able to make a positive difference with others.

What Are the Top Organizational Benefits ...

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