Chapter 2Hitting Crisis Point

Once William had regained some composure, he filled Rebecca in on the antics of the evening, and how ashamed he felt for letting everyone down, including himself.

‘What am I even doing this job for, Rebecca? I thought I knew … I used to love my work. I've done everything asked of me and achieved great results and exceeded expectations, but now I've totally blown it!’

Rebecca certainly didn't admonish William's achievements. She admired him, and the lifestyle he provided for her and their children was incredible. They had a beautiful home, a holiday retreat in Spain, and Annabel and Tom attended the best private school in the area.

‘It's getting tougher,’ William continued. ‘We're being pushed harder and harder. There are more changes on the way at work and, well, the demands being placed on me … I am struggling to cope. I'm holding my team together by a thread.

‘I am sorry I haven't made enough time for you and the kids. And what's the point of having a gym membership – I haven't been in months.’

Rebecca listened intently as William shared his concerns, she was glad to see him opening up.

‘I have neglected you and in some ways have taken you for granted especially with the kids. I know I have let you down as a husband and the kids as their father. And I'm definitely not a good son. My parents are in their 70s and I've hardly seen them in the last year.’ Rebecca had never seen William like this before. It was obvious to her that he'd been overdoing ...

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