Chapter 3A Long Lunch

William cringed whenever he thought about the awards ceremony, but the subsequent realization that it was possible to do things differently was a comfort, even if he didn't know yet what that looked like. The prospect of change felt strange, yet exciting at the same time. What might the future look like, he wondered?

The first opportunity to see Steve was at lunchtime. William had passed by his office several times that morning hoping to thank him and invite him out for a drink after work one evening, to find out a little more about the coaching he'd mentioned. Every time he had glanced through the slatted window blinds he could see Steve engrossed in a meeting with a woman he didn't recognize, but now on his way back from a meeting he noticed she had just left Steve's office and was walking away down the corridor.

‘Hey William, I've just finished a great coaching session with Susannah Lockwood,’ said Steve, looking happy and relaxed, as William entered his office.

Steve beckoned William to take a seat on the leather chair opposite his desk…'I'm so impressed with how much Susannah's coaching has helped me,' said Steve, ‘since … well, you know … since I returned to work after being so unwell.’

‘I hadn't realized things still weren't working for you, Steve. I thought you'd bounced back.’

Steve chuckled to himself at the innocence of William's comment, though he couldn't blame him for making it. How was he to know what a profound impact the coaching had made? ...

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