Chapter 5Values Discovery

Susannah knew restlessness only too well. She'd experienced it in her own career and observed it in those around her at some point or another. Sometimes people were just downright frustrated and couldn't put their finger on why. At other times it was because they wanted to push things forward and knew what it was that needed to be done, but were blocked by company procedures or other constraints that were out of their control. And then there were the people who really knew themselves, had purpose and a compelling vision and were restless in their passion for implementing it. People fascinated her … their behaviour, development, interactions, the things that made them tick. So much so that it had motivated her to take up professional studies in leadership coaching and organizational behaviour.

Before creating her own business, Susannah was the Director of Organizational Effectiveness for McKnight Marshall, a well-known global consultancy. She had a natural gift for getting to the heart of what was happening for individuals, teams and in organizational culture. She was renowned in the consultancy field for this gift … both within her company and with clients.

Susannah's passion for this subject (together with a conscious choice to travel abroad less for work and spend more time with her family) had motivated her to set up her own business. What's more, she was keen to select her own clients and was specific about who would be suitable. They had to be ...

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