Chapter 6Defining Your Values


William was already noticing the impact of finding out what his core values could be. He'd made plans to go cycling with his family at the weekend and they were all excited about spending time together doing something they enjoyed. They were delighted to see his new-found lease of life. And as well as having some much-needed quality time with his family, there were health benefits too. William was enjoying this journey of discovery, and although at times some parts of the process were challenging, he could sense it was taking him to a better place. Steve was right.

Rebecca was wise enough to let the process unfold … she'd seen too many of her friends burn out, because they thought there was no other way. It made her happy to see William now taking a more conscious, proactive approach and she was very grateful to Steve for suggesting this option. Dare she believe she was getting her husband back? It was early days, but there were some positive signs. William was starting to implement his new way of being and Rebecca would support him and indeed allow the process to unfold. When he suggested the cycle ride, she'd responded enthusiastically. She knew William needed encouragement right now. And more than that, she found she'd really missed the bike rides they used to go on and thought it was a great idea.

William had work to do before his next session with Susannah – to notice which values were either positively activated or ...

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