Chapter 11Goals, Intentions and Visions

The timing for William's next coaching session with Susannah couldn't be better, arriving just a couple of days after he'd spoken up at the Senior Leadership Team meeting. He'd received quite a few comments and some interest afterwards, and even though Paul didn't agree with him he'd managed to have a reasonable conversation with him a few hours later and had found out what Paul was driven by.

William had more understanding now of what was behind the results-driven nature that he associated Paul with. He discovered Paul was also driven by excellence and success and wanted to keep momentum going, and while they didn't come to an amicable agreement, Paul felt as though he was being listened to. William had approached it in his new manner which had given him new insight and a calmer feeling afterwards than he would have previously experienced. Even Eric had left the meeting saying he'd think about it – whether he would or not was a different matter, but the main thing was William had consciously ignited his values, spoken from the heart, expressed his truth and no major disaster had happened. In fact, it had gone rather well.

Susannah was delighted to hear this and congratulated William. ‘It's fantastic that you've really embraced this and, in this moment, what matters is that you expressed your truth and the experience you gained by doing this.’

‘It was amazing! I experienced a sense of calm come over me and dare I say “a sense of peace” ...

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