Chapter 12Energy for Evolution

William had a follow-up meeting with Eric a week after the Senior Leadership Team meeting and was both delighted and surprised that Eric was the one to arrange it. It wasn't completely good news, but at least Eric was showing some interest. Eric had been thinking about what William had said and while he didn't think it was possible within the time frames, he was very impressed with William's new passion, drive and insights. The fact that William was speaking up was just one of the many changes Eric was seeing in William's actions and behaviours. This both pleased him and threatened him a little.

Eric acknowledged William for speaking at the meeting. He respected him for sharing his views and agreed that maybe the culture did leave a lot to be desired and needed to change at a deeper level. He suggested William and Melissa meet to discuss how they could perhaps run a few workshops to announce the new values. This was not William's preferred approach and he felt like Eric was pacifying him a little. Rolling out new values without engaging everyone first was just wallpapering over the cracks. Still, he remembered what Susannah had said and that was to start where the energy for evolution was, and it certainly wasn't with Eric. So, while he'd not managed to slow the progress of the launch, he would speak to Melissa about changing the roll-out of the training to be more inclusive and wider than originally planned.

It was a step in the right direction, ...

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