4It's Impossible to Outmarket Your Mindset

As we discussed in Part One, how you think about and perceive your business has a massive impact on its growth.

Consider the diagram in Figure 4.1.


Figure 4.1 It's Impossible to Outsell or Outmarket Your Mindset

Starting at the upper left, your marketing—which is what you communicate about your business to your market—has the single greatest impact on revenue growth. That is, there is nothing you can do in your business—not even sales!—that will grow your company faster, easier, and more impactfully than marketing.

The reason marketing is more impactful than selling is because sales is, by definition, one-on-one. As you read in Chapter 2, marketing can be one-on-one and company-to-many. Marketing opens what sales closes. Let me be clear: Under no circumstances am I suggesting that you sell less. No. To grow, we must sell more. Marketing catalyzes increased sales. The more we market, the more sales opportunities arise.

Back to Figure 4.1: If your marketing has the greatest impact on your growth, it is your mindset that impacts your marketing more than anything else. As I've purposefully repeated already, how you think is how you market. If you believe you're helping people and growing companies, you'll market that. If you believe you sell parts, and their accompanying (and fascinating) specifications, you'll market those. The former ...

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