10Your Products and Services Are Much Better Than Your Marketing

I've done work for some of the top consumer electronics brands on the planet: Logitech, TiVo, Lenovo, T-Mobile, and BlackBerry, for example. I worked with these companies when they were at, or near, the top of their respective categories. Even then, their products were so much better than their marketing that it wasn't even close.

I've also worked with some of the most successful, fastest-growing, privately held, small and medium-size companies on the planet. Firms that are $10 million in revenue, $100 million, $200 million, and all the way up to a $2.5 billion closely held organization. When they come to me, all of them, every single one, has products and services that are fabulous, and marketing that is between nonexistent and mediocre.

If you and I were talking right now, and I asked you to describe your products or services, you'd probably go into great detail. You'd tell me all about their various aspects, components, details, measurements, specifications, processes, approaches, and techniques. If I asked you to tell me about your marketing, there would probably an uncomfortable pause, before you'd uncomfortably tell me what you're uncomfortable about when it comes to your marketing. I am able to fairly accurately anticipate our conversation because I've had it many times with your peers—fellow business owners of companies approximately your size. In fact, I often have this same conversation with volunteers ...

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