12Frequently Raised Resistance (FRR)

In this chapter, I'd like to address common questions and points of resistance that are often raised when seeking customer insights, uncovering their positive thoughts and feelings about your work, turning them into testimonials, and communicating them far and wide to your market. These are the primary reasons clients and audience members tell me they don't ask for testimonials and referrals more often. I want to go through these here because they come up consistently, and you may be thinking about one or two of these yourself. Following each point of hesitation, discomfort, or resistance, is my take and feedback.

When I ask clients and audiences why they don't have these conversations, and why they don't ask for testimonials and referrals more, this is what they say.

  1. I don't want to impose. You're not imposing, you're striving to help more people. That's your job in the world. Further, have you ever known anyone who didn't wish to share their opinion when asked? I don't know about you, but I've never heard anybody say, “No, I'd rather not tell you my thoughts about that.” To the contrary, people are thrilled to be asked for their thoughts and are usually eager to share their feedback. Remember, you're only asking your best customers, and this person is on the very short list. They're honored you're calling them. Handle yourself accordingly.
  2. What if they don't have anything nice to say? What if they're not as happy as I think they are?

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