15What These 22 Revenue Growth Techniques Have in Common

Now that you know how to think about your company, products, services, and value, let's dive deeply into the tools and techniques that will grow your revenue. This part of the book is all about ways to grow your business. I'm going to arm you with you 22 techniques for sales growth in this section. They all share similar traits and characteristics. First, let's talk about what they have in common.

They Are Communication Actions

All of the approaches I detail here are ways to communicate about your products, services, and value to people who can buy them. These are techniques to tell your customers and prospects about what they can buy from you, and how they will be improved when they do so.

I will not be teaching you about improving your graphics or your printing collateral.

I will be arming you with different ways—electronic, analog, and the good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation—to tell your customers and prospects about what they can buy and why they should.

One-on-One and Company-to-Many

As discussed in Chapter 2, some of your communication actions will be one-on-one. These consist of you communicating with customers and prospects directly and personally—by phone, email, postal mail, and in person. But these communications are not only your responsibility, they should be undertaken by all customer-facing staff. That is: management, salespeople, customer service people, and, if you have them, marketing people. ...

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