17Growth Technique #1: The Art and Science of Getting the Testimonial

To change our mindset, we must go out and talk to our happy customers. This is how.

Telephone Is Best

Don't ask these questions by email, because you want the ability to hear the customer's voice and to follow up on his questions.

Having this conversation in person is okay, but it makes it challenging to take good notes. You can if you're comfortable with it, but …

Telephone is best for these conversations.

You can follow up.

You can listen and take notes.

And you can record the call if you wish.

Five or 10 Minutes, No More

You're going to average about one testimonial per minute. Which means you don't need to interview your customers for a half hour or an hour. You need 5 to 10 minutes to ask the questions I will outline shortly. Make it easy for them to agree to give you feedback. Five to 10 minutes is nonthreatening and difficult to decline. Go short, and the end result will take you a long way toward new revenue!

The Good Customers, not the Angry Ones

Remember, we have these conversations with our good customers, not our small, or frustrated, or angry, or “fly-by” customers who move from one lowest price to the next, regardless of the relationship. You have these conversations with your longest-tenured customers, and your most passionate customers, and your largest customers by revenue. But if you have a happy smaller customer, reach out to that individual for a brief conversation, too. It can't hurt, ...

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