19Growth Technique #2: Don't Be a Tree Falling in the Forest—Communicate Testimonials

Now that you know all about the easy conversations that create new testimonials, let's talk about what to do with them.

It doesn't matter if you've collected countless testimonials or even if your website is plastered with them—if nobody is seeing them.

Testimonials, like celebrities, are only as good as the number of people seeing them.

Here's another metaphor: Your unseen, unread testimonials are trees falling in the forest. If nobody sees the incredibly powerful words of your customers, it's as if you never obtained the testimonials to begin with.

What should you do with your customer testimonials?

That's easy: You should communicate them to people who can buy from you—as much as possible, in as many formats as possible. And don't forget to communicate your wonderful testimonials internally, to your staff, as well.

Communicating Testimonials Internally

As detailed in Chapters 17 and 18, when you let your staff and colleagues experience the amazing endorsements of your customers, their thinking changes about the company, and their action levels go way up. They become bolder, more confident, and take more action (Figure 19.1).


Figure 19.1 The Two Directional Power of Customer Testimonials

Here are some easy ways to communicate testimonials internally to change mindsets and behavior.

  1. A weekly ...

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