23Growth Technique #6: How to Get Referrals

There are few better ways to grow your business than referrals, yet we hesitate.

There are few more effective ways to expand your prospect list, bring on new customers, and grow your business. Yet, the vast majority of small and mid-size owners, executives, managers, salespeople, and customer service people quickly—if sadly—admit that they do not ask enough.

There are various reasons for this, mostly our own discomfort, which we covered in Chapter 12. The happy customer tends to be not only agreeable but actually excited to send us her contacts. That's because she knows we'll serve them well, they'll be taken care of, and it will not only make her friend or colleague happy, but it will make her, the referrer, look good.

Another reason that people often give for not asking for referrals more is they don't really know what to do. They don't know how.

This chapter will change that.

This chapter covers three ways to ask for referrals. They include two easy, fast techniques and one that's a bit more involved but highly successful. As always, pay attention to the language, which is the key to not only obtaining referrals but quite probably the entire revenue growth process.

Remember, you help people tremendously. Do you believe people in your target market are better off working with you than with your competition? If so, go and get them!

We begin with a general rule of thumb.

Don't Use the Word “Referral”

Get used to asking for referrals ...

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