26Growth Technique #9: The Magic of the Handwritten Note

A number of years ago, I received a handwritten note from a woman who attended one of my association speeches. It was written on a full-size sheet of paper. In the note, she described the impact my presentation had on her business and her life. She talked about how she changed her mindset and started marketing daily. She felt more successful, and her bank accounts confirmed this.

As soon as I read this note, I was finished with it. Sure, it made me feel wonderful. It was extremely thoughtful of her to write it. And I was thrilled with her success, as I am with everyone who reports their progress to me. But it took me exactly one minute to read this note, and then I had no more purpose for the sheet of paper it was written on.

And yet, years later, the note is still on my credenza. And I keep a clean workspace. At the end of every day, my desk is clean. I like to see the top of my desk, and piles make me anxious. But this handwritten note, the only one I've received not counting holiday cards, has a rather permanent place in my office.

We've even moved since I first received this note. I've also remodeled my office in the years since it arrived. Yet, this piece of paper still has a prominent place in my workspace. I cannot bring myself to throw it away.


First, because the woman who sent it cared enough to take the time to do so. That's meaningful and important.

And even more important, because it reminds me to write ...

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