36Growth Technique #19: How to Grow Your Business with Videos

Videos may be used along either communication track—one-on-one or company-to-many. They add a third dimension to the value you provide—people can see you instead of just read you. Videos allow people to visualize you, your customers, and products. Videos differentiate you from the competition and help you stand out from the crowd, which is the point of all the marketing work in this book.

Rules for Effective Revenue Growth Videos

  1. The best videos are short. Think two minutes or less. Any longer, and you're going to lose the viewer.
  2. Informal beats formal. A relaxed setting beats a studio setting. A real-world background beats an all-white or all-black background.
  3. Help your audience; demonstrate your value. Just like every other communication technique in this part of the book, we want videos to demonstrate your great value to your customers and prospects. You're not pitching or selling in your videos. You're simply helping people.
  4. Upload your videos to YouTube. That's where videos live. There are other video hosting sites, but YouTube is obviously the biggest and best known. From there, you can share them, place them on your website, and get them to customers and prospects.

What to Create Videos On

You can create videos on a wide range of topics. Let's talk about some.

Customer Case Studies

There are three ways to do case studies on video:

  1. You can tell the customer's story on camera. Just go through a case study ...

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