42How Perfection and Procrastination Kill Revenue

Too much revenue is lost to perfection and procrastination, which are nearly inextricable from one another.

Your products need to be perfect.

But your communications do not.

Your revenue growth communication—the techniques you will be implementing from this book—depend far more on quantity than quality.

The more that people hear from you, the more they will buy from you. It's a direct, positive correlation. It's impossible to make the opposite argument: That people buy more when they don't hear from you. If you're not communicating with your customers and prospects, you're out of sight, which also means you're out of mind, which means the business you deserve is going to your competition.

So, we must communicate. We must take action. And as we discussed in Part Two, this kind of direct-to-customer-and-prospect communication is often perceived as high risk. The risk of failure is perceived to be high. What if they reject me? What if they turn me down? Also, I'm so busy with customer requests. I have to fix their problems. I don't have time for this.

We procrastinate.

And thanks to the high perceived risk of rejection, we delay communication in an effort to perfect it.

We only get one chance with this customer. That's not true, there's a reason they've been with you for years, or decades.

We better get it exactly right, or else they'll leave us. The competition calls on them regularly, and every time, they make a decision to stay ...

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