My gratitude to Richard Narramore, my terrific editor at John Wiley & Sons, who fought for this book when it was in proposal form. Thanks to Matt Holt for buying into Richard's obviously exceptional reasoning. I also appreciate the work of Wendy Keller, Tiffany Colon, Linda Indig, and Cape Cod Compositors.

I've been blessed in my career to experience and learn from the great depths of professional struggle, which have allowed me to properly appreciate the hard-earned heights this work has brought my family to. I have suffered for my art, and so, too, has my bride, who I have been with for more than half my life. Throughout this great roller coaster, on many difficult days, weeks, months, and years, Lisa's belief and support have never wavered. There is no “this” without you.

I know who I work for.

I work for my son, Noah, who teaches me through his boundless optimism and joy, and my daughter, Bella, whose thoughtful kindness sometimes stops me in my tracks.

I work for my dad, Leon, who dragged his family, me included, out of the former Soviet Union in the 1970s when there was no Internet. He didn't know English, had no money, and had no family here. His great courage then inspires me now.

I work for my mom, Jane, who told me to write early and often (well, that and to be a doctor; sorry about that one, Mom). But you were right about the writing! My mom doesn't know how to stop. That trait has helped me greatly.

I work for my amazing grandmother, Bella, who I ...

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