Louise Quillien

Invisible Workers: The role of women in textile production during the 1st millennium BC

Acknowledgements: I deeply thank Cécile Michel, Brigitte Lion and Kristin Kleber for their careful review of this writing. I thank also Michael Jursa and Kristin Kleber for having provided me transcriptions of unpublished texts dealing with women and textile work, and Saana Svärd-Teppo for having sent me her unpublished dissertation about women in Neo-Assyrian palaces. Any errors are my own.

Louise Quillien, Université Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne; louise.quillien@wanadoo.fr

In the Sumerian myth of Enki, the god of crafts, weaving is called “the woman’s art”.1149 However, according to cuneiform sources on textile production in Mesopotamia during ...

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